Drive innovation for and from your classroom.

Throughout the one year Fellowship, you’ll design an innovative solution, share it across your school or district, and be a part of a cohort of 10 exceptional educators from across the U.S. who believe in the power of teacher ideas to transform education from the ground up.

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Name: (First, Last)

School and School District:

Grade level(s) you teach:

Subject / content area you teach:

Teacher Identity: Using a mind map exercise, map out what inspires and influences your teacher identity. Take a photo and upload your mind map.

Teacher Identity: Reflect on your mind map and explain how it shows your educational philosophy. (250 words or less)

Influence: Brainstorm what it means to be an innovator in the classroom. Take a photo and upload your brainstorm.

Influence: Explain how you would support other teachers through their innovation journey (250 words or less)

Evidence of Innovation: Upload an artifact (lesson, unit plan, activity, etc.) that you have tried out in your class. Your artifact should include: (1) a title, (2) clear goal, and (3) a brief summary on how it works. Consider including photos, videos or audio to compliment the artifact.

Evidence of Innovation: Reflect on why the lesson you submitted worked. What evidence did you collect and what changes would you make for next time?(100 words or less)

Your passion project: Share your dream innovation idea that you’d love to share across your school or district! It can be simple or complex; with technology or without. What we care about most is the impact it will have on students. Storyboard or diagram your idea, take a photo and upload it.

Your Passion Project: Briefly describe the project and its goals. (100 words or less)

Your Passion Project: How far along are you with your idea?

Your Passion Project: Now, imagine your idea is fully formed and ready to be shared. Tweet from the future: How might you inspire others to take on your idea? Add it here and for bonus - you can literally tweet it at us @teachersguild #tguild

As a Guild Fellow, you will need one school administrator or district official who will support and approve your Fellowship participation. Please list their name, position, and email.

Please upload a current resume.

Anything else The Teacher's Guild should know?

Thanks for applying to The Teacher's Guild Fellowship program, we look forward to reviewing your application.

And thank you for all you do every day for your students and school!

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