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Building upon your existing network, our nationwide community of teachers will surface new insights and crowdsource ideas to help redefine what’s possible in education.

Hosting a Collaboration
Hosting a Collaboration allows you to explore your edges while deepening your relationship with your network of teachers and schools. You'll experience the design thinking process, and discover ground up insights from teachers across the country. At the end of a Collaboration, you’ll select a teacher-designed solution to test out in your organization. We are interested in working with organizations who are excited by the potential for teachers to lead the way to a more innovative in future in education.

What to Expect
Collaborations are typically a 14-week commitment, requiring part-time coordination and community management from your team. Each Collaboration is project managed by The Guild Team, who moves the Collaboration process forward from beginning to end, partnering with you on communications, synthesis and insight-gathering, and implementation consulting.

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Hosts help to drive engagement to their Collaboration through regular communications (email and social media).

The Guild Team supports Hosts to author or customize communications throughout the experience.

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Implementing favorite teacher-designed solutions is one of the most important commitments we ask Hosts to make.

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